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Your Bristol UCU Newsflash, 30th January 2019

1) ‘Post Your Vote’, Wednesday, 6th February, Post Box outside Hawthorns @1pm

Join us Wednesday next week at 1pm to ‘post your vote’ at the postbox outside the Hawthorns:


Even if you have already voted in the current UCU Pay and Equality industrial ballot, please come along and ‘post’ one of our large A2 envelopes for the cameras.

Remember: if you have already voted in the ballot, please look in your emails for ‘Have You Voted In The UCU Strike Ballot?’ – sent on Monday – and follow the instructions. Once you submit your ‘Unique Code’ in the linked-to form, no more Get The Vote Out branch emails.

2) Your Views Sought on Current Progression & Promotion Proposals

Changes to Pathway 3 job titles to correspond with Pathway 1 titles: a welcome change?

Progression for most Pathway 3 teaching staff on Grade J/profile b and above: a positive move, but why not for staff on Grade I/profile a and above? Or indeed Pathway 2 research staff?

Should Readers be retitled Associate Professors? Movement between Pathways to be made easier? The addition of 3 new Grade L Reader discretionary points? New Promotions Framework based on the Boyer’s model of scholarship?

For a more comprehensive account, please do read our Bristol UCU blog post ‘‘Progress to Report But Also Areas of Disappointment’: Bristol UCU Promotion and Progression Update’:

‘Progress to Report But Also Areas of Disappointment’: Bristol UCU Promotion and Progression Update

Bristol UCU officers are seeking your views on this raft of proposed changes resulting from the current Review of Progression and Promotion.

Email ucu-officer@bristol.ac.uk with your feedback.

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