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Your Bristol UCU Newsflash, 27th March 2019

  1. Gender Pay video

As the University announces the decrease in the gender pay gap from last year’s 16.2% to 13.6%, we invite you to view and share Bristol UCU’s brand new video, in which Dr Sumita Mukherjee talks about her personal experience of the Gender Pay Gap at Bristol University.

As Sumita says, the personal is political, and her story is one powerful example of the real life experience behind the headlines and statistics.


This video is a version of a speech Sumita gave on 1st November 2018, the day the University effectively stopped paying women for the year, as a result of the gender pay gap. You can read the text of the full speech at Sumita’s blog here:


Huge thanks to Sumita for sharing her experience, and to filmmaker Owain Astles for his filming and editing expertise.

2. Joint Unions’ Period Dignity Campaign

Bristol UCU, along with Unite, Unison and the Bristol Students’ Union, recently submitted a joint paper to the University to urge them to provide free period products across the University.

From this week till the end of the academic year the Joint Unions will be providing sanitary products for those who need them in two key places on campus – the Balloon Bar in the Richmond Building, and Senate House (third floor toilets). The products are available in the women’s, men’s and accessible toilets, so anyone who menstruates is able to access them.

We are doing this to make sure that everyone can have a dignified period, and can have access to sanitary products when they need them. We’ll also be collecting data on how much the products are used to share with the University, so we can present an accurate picture of the cost of such provision. We’d love Bristol to be the first university in England to follow Scotland’s lead and provide free sanitary products for staff and students.

Please do share this info with colleagues, so everyone knows these are available.

3. Bristol Transformed

Bristol UCU is one of the sponsors of Bristol Transformed, “a weekend of radical politics, parties culture and art”. Some Bristol colleagues are involved in the event, including Dr Maud Perrier who is a panellist on ‘Economics, the future of work’.

As sponsors, we have been given a handful of free tickets. If you would like one, please email ucu-office@bristol.ac.uk and we will pick names out of a hat!

Here’s the poster.

4. Assessing the quality of mentorship in research environments

Please consider taking part in this study into the quality of mentorships in research institutions.

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