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UCU subscription rates

UCU Subscription rates run each year from 1 September to 31 August.  The subscriptions are made up of a national levy which covers all national and regional activity plus a small local subscription which covers the cost of our Branch Administrator and any other local costs.  Changes to the national rate are approved at UCU Congress annually; local increases are approved at a Branch General Meeting.

The subscription rates for 2021 – 22 are given below (no changes to local subs this year):

Band Annual Income Monthly rate Local rate: (inc in monthly rate)
F0 £60,000 or above £31.85 £2.40
F1 £40,000-£59,999 £27.96 £2.40
F2 £30,000-£39,999 £24.36 £2.20
F3 £22,000-£29,999 £19.59 £2.00
F4 £15,000-£21,999 £10.59 £0.00
F5 £5,000-£14,999 £4.61 £0.00
F6 Below £5,000 £1.00 £0.00

Retired/Attached Members £3.02 (£0.00 local rate included in monthly rate)

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