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School/Departmental/Division Contacts and Representatives

Department Name Email
Bristol Medical School (Population Health Sciences) Dr Neil Davies neil.davies@bristol.ac.uk
Centre for Academic Language and Development (CALD) Ms Hannah Gurr hannah.gurr@bristol.ac.uk
Centre for Academic Language and Development (CALD) Mr Jeffrey Pocock jp18942@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology Dr Jamie Lawson jamie.lawson@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Classics and Ancient History Dr Ellen O’Gorman E.C.Ogorman@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Development and Alumni Relations Ms Jane Keenan jane.keenan@bristol.ac.uk
Department of English Dr John McTague john.mctague@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Film and Television Dr Nariman Massoumi nm8020@bristol.ac.uk
Department of French Dr Ruth Bush ruth.bush@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Prof Matthew Brown matthew.brown@bristol.ac.uk 
Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Miss Ana Suarez Vidal ana.suarezvidal@bristol.ac.uk
Department of History (Historical Studies) Dr Will Pooley william.pooley@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Italian Dr Vera Castiglione v.castiglione@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Music Dr Justin Williams justin.williams@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Philosophy Dr Tzu Chien Tho tt17255@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Philosophy Mr David Cobb david.cobb@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Religion and Theology Dr Benedetta Lomi b.lomi@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Russian Ms Jana Nahodilova j.nahodilova@bristol.ac.uk
Department of Theatre Dr Jan Wozniak jan.wozniak@bristol.ac.uk
IT Services Dr Duncan Baldwin d.j.baldwin@bristol.ac.uk
IT Services Mr Jasper Tredgold jasper.tredgold@bristol.ac.uk
IT Services Mr Paul Ayres paul.ayres@bristol.ac.uk
Law School Dr Yin Harn Lee yinharn.lee@bristol.ac.uk 
Law School Dr Kit Fotheringham cf16827@bristol.ac.uk
Law School Prof Tonia Novitz Tonia.Novitz@bristol.ac.uk
Library Services Marika Zeimbeki marika.zeimbekis@bristol.ac.uk
Marketing and Communications Mrs Laura McCormick laura.McCormick@bristol.ac.uk
School of Biological Sciences Dr Celine Petitjean celine.petitjean@bristol.ac.uk
School of Biological Sciences Prof Wendy Gibson w.gibson@bristol.ac.uk
School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine Dr Isabel Murillo Cabeza I.Murillo@bristol.ac.uk
School of Chemistry Prof Julian Eastoe julian.eastoe@bristol.ac.uk
School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CAME) Dr Laura Dickinson l.dickinson@bristol.ac.uk
School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths (SCEEM) Dr Cameron Hall cameron.hall@bristol.ac.uk
School of Earth Sciences Dr Christopher Coath chris.coath@bristol.ac.uk
School of Earth Sciences Prof Heidy Mader h.m.mader@bristol.ac.uk
School of Economics, Finance & Management Mr Ricky Tutin richard.tutin@bristol.ac.uk
School of Geographical Sciences Dr Maria Fannin m.fannin@bristol.ac.uk
School of Geographical Sciences Dr Joe Gerlach joe.gerlach@bristol.ac.uk
School of Mathematics Dr John Mackay john.mackay@bristol.ac.uk
School of Physics Dr David Cussans david.cussans@bristol.ac.uk
School of Physiology and Pharmacology Prof Jules Hancox jules.hancox@bristol.ac.uk
School of Physiology and Pharmacology Dr Andrew James a.james@bristol.ac.uk
School for Policy Studies Dr Kevin Doogan kevin.doogan@bristol.ac.uk 
School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies Dr Tim Fowler tim.fowler@bristol.ac.uk